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 Justin D.

In 2014, JD started to follow through with his dream

career by building this online portfolio for his stunt work.

With a competitive background in freestyle mountain biking, JD went to town and started producing his own stunts to build a demo reel. 

With a demo reel in hand JD flew to the office of Stunts Canada in BC and asked the secretary watch his video... also walked onto film sets and handed out cards with his headshot and website information in hopes to meet a coordinator...

In 2016 Justin had his first experience on set working as a Breakdown Artist. 

It is what he needed to do to meet the first Stunt Coordinator.

In the mean time Justin's Stunts caught the eyes of CBC's Jonny Harris.

Which lead to an interview on an episode of CBC's Still Standing in 2018.

2019 was the start of the Stunt Career. A few bicycle stunts on a European CocoCola campaign and another couple for a National Subaru Campaign.

Since then JD has performed stunts on multiple series and Feature films,

available on; CBC Gem, Show Time, FOX, Paramount Plus,

Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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All Videos



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