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Stunt Performer Motors & Cycles

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"He does stunts on skateboards, motorcycles, and

pretty much anything else that comes with wheels."

- Buzzfeed

Born in raised in South West Ontario, JD was a professional athlete at a young age in Freestyle Mountain Biking Events across North America.  


During his years at St.Clair College for Woodworking, JD started to handcraft his own skateboards. 

After graduation JD rode his motorbike out west where he broke down in Saskatchewan. He met a lady in the prairies and stuck around a ghost town where he practiced drifting/ stunting motor vehicles.

He continued to make skateboards which led to his first appearance on CBC National news for a Skateboard Stunt. 

In this small Saskatchewan town JD produced a short film about overcoming obstacles and following through with ones vision. 

"Create Your Own Path"is the short where he rides though a wall of fire.


The following year, JD took his unicycle across the top of a 60 meter tall, meter wide butte in the Bad Lands of SK. This made the front page of Buzzdfeed and again, had the interests of CBC Saskatchewan.


In 2017, JD produced, co-ordinated and performed the jaw dropping photo of him riding a Harley Davidson under a moving High Clearance Sprayer (Basically a monster tractor.)  This photo was shared around world and landed the cover of Fast Times Magazine. 


The next year, Jonny Harris from CBC’s “Still Standing” came to rural Saskatchewan to interview JD about his Stunt Portfolio and his aspirations of working in the film industry. 


With a colourful portfolio in hand, JD hit the road and headed east in his Astro Van to pursue his career in TV and Film.  

During his journey East, he raced his motorcycle in the 2019 Canadian Flat Track circuit and lived in his Van down by a river. (No bs)


JD is currently in Toronto living his dream as a Stunt performer and Actor. 


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